“I finally did it. I allowed myself to put myself at the top of my list after 27 years. I decided this is my time. I absolutely love what CrossFit TYL has done for me. If you are on the fence, come on out and give the free week a try. What do you have to lose? Better yet, what do you have to gain?”
– Tracey Lauer

“This community of athletes and coaches that CrossFit provides is the reason I have come back day after day for 2.5 years. Not only have I lost 30 pounds and set dozens of personal records, but I have become an all around happier version of myself. Walking into CrossFit for the first time I couldn’t even do a push-up, much less a pull-up!”

” Through the inspiring stories and encouragement of my CrossFit family, I continue to improve and become a much happier version of me.”
– Tess Rinehart

“I started at CrossFit TYL the first week it opened. I was coming off a knee injury and surgery, and was desperate to find something to fill the void I was experiencing. I walked in out of shape, scared, nervous, and excited. Chris was great to work with me on any adjustments or modifications necessary.”

“Even though I was not a natural, I kept coming back. I could tell with consistency and hard work my knee was going to get better, I was going to get stronger, and I was gaining more confidence. Chris is a great coach that cares about more than how much you can lift. He cares about your overall health. He holds you accountable on your attendance and will ask how your nutrition is doing. I’ve learned a lot! I can’t say enough about the bond you experience with everyone. You genuinely become a family. The atmosphere is fun, energetic, and sometimes entertaining. There truly is no other place I’d rather work out. I’m grateful that CrossFit TYL came to Creston.”
– Malissa Richardson


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